Monday, Sep 09, 2019

A team of experts from the Government of Nepal, development partners, and Japan’s energy sector will be meeting in Kathmandu to promote resilient infrastructure in Nepal in the context of the country’s vulnerabilities to natural disasters. The workshop on Enhancing Climate/disaster-resilient Renewable Energy Distributed Power System in Nepal is being organized on 10-11 September by the World Bank in partnership with the Government of Nepal and Alternative Energy Promotion Center (AEPC) while benefiting from Japanese expertise in the area.

Thursday, Sep 05, 2019

Overall operations of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in Nepal has improved as of 31 July 2019, compared with the same period last year, on the back of continued contribution to the country’s earthquake reconstruction efforts and a number of ongoing energy projects said ADB Country Director for Nepal Mr. Mukhtor Khamudkhanov.

Thursday, Sep 05, 2019

Nepal-India friendship bus service is to be operated from Nepalgunj to Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh state of India. Bheri Yatayat Pvt Ltd, which has got the authorization from the government, will operate the bus service September 8. Bheri Yatayat has reached an agreement with the Uttar Pradesh Transport Corporation of India for this. Chair of Bheri Yatayat Pvt Ltd, Rajendra Giri said the Uttar Pradesh Transport Corporation and Bheri Yatayat would operate a bus each from Nepalgunj and Lucknow.

Thursday, Sep 05, 2019

Overall operation of the Asian Development Bank in Nepal has improved as of 31 July, 2019, compared with the same period last year on the back of continued contribution to the country's earthquake reconstruction efforts and to a number of ongoing energy projects, said ADB Country Director for Nepal, Mukhtor Khamudhanov.

Wednesday, Aug 28, 2019

Three newly built bridges along the Narayangadh-Muglin road have been brought into operation. Construction of bridges over Mauri, Khanikhola, and Dasdhunga rivers has been over, said engineer Rohit Kumar Bisural, chief of the road project, adding that setting up signposts, painting, and work of security measures remained incomplete. It would take sometimes to inaugurate the bridges, he said.

Thursday, Aug 22, 2019

The Kulekhani Third Hydropower Project is generating 14-MW electricity before Dashain festival that falls on early weeks of October.

Wednesday, Aug 07, 2019

The 9.9 megawatt Iwakhola hydro power project is to be integrated with the national transmission line next week. According to Kubermani Nepal, director of Rairang Hydro Power Company Limited, the project has undergone the test of power generation in an internal manner.

Thursday, Aug 01, 2019

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has launched the Accelerator Lab to help Nepal identify, test and scale innovative solutions to emerging development challenges facing the country and the world today. The Nepal lab will be part of a network of 60 Accelerator Labs across the world, making it world’s largest and fastest learning network around development challenges.

Tuesday, Jul 23, 2019

An Israeli technology has been introduced in Nepal, which turns domestic garbage into gas and organic manure. The Israeli home biogas technique is considered environment-friendly, and has been introduced in Nepal for the first time.

Monday, Jul 08, 2019

Four different companies have come up with formal intent for the construction of structures, including dam in Tanahun hydropower project.

Tuesday, Jul 02, 2019

The prevailing legal confusions between the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) and Electricity Regulatory Commission (ERC) have caused a delay in the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). As a result of the disagreement between the authorities regarding the PPA process, the PPA’s of around 40 hydropower projects generating 3,000 megawatts have come to a halt. The confusions surfacing the implementation of the legal system, which requires the Electricity Authority to seek approval from the Regulatory Commission prior to conducting a PPA with Hydropower promoters, have hence affected the private sector as well.

Friday, Jun 28, 2019

Rahughat Hydropower Project in Rahughat, Myagdi district, stalled for the past five years has resumed construction. Developed by the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) in 2066 BS, the project halted in 2066 BS after the contracting company went bankrupt. Although, the contractor was agreed upon to complete the project in 2070 BS, only approximately 10 percent of construction work has completed in five years.

Thursday, Jun 20, 2019

Construction of a road stretching from Thini of Gharpajhong rural municipality in Mustang to the Tilicho Lake has begun here. The lake is located at the highest altitude- 4,919 meter.

Monday, Jun 17, 2019

The second phase works under Melamchi Drinking Water Project have begun. As part of this, the government has started pooling land that falls within the project coverage area. The government is effortful to supply water from Yangri and Larke rivulet to Kathmandu denizens through Melamchi drinking water project in this phase.

Thursday, Jun 13, 2019

The vehicular shutdown enforced in Rasuwagadhi checkpoint, demanding permission to move to Kerung on rotation basis has been called off since Wednesday.