FECOFUN riled at imposition of exorbitant taxes on community forests
Thursday, Sep 05, 2019

The Federation of Community Forestry Users Nepal has expressed their concerns about the government imposing exorbitant taxes on community forests.
The FECOFUN has also warned of a protest against tax increment on community forests by the governments of all the three levels - federal, state and local.
Addressing a press conference organized here today by the FECOFUN to express their concerns about the matter, FECOFUN President Bharati Pathak demanded an amendment to the laws imposing excessive taxes on community forest or they would launch a protest. A protest would be announced from a FECOFUN's central committee in some days, she added.
"We are ready to pay taxes. But our repeated efforts to urge the federal government to create an environment conducive to introduce one door system for the three governments to pay taxes has remained unheard," said a statement released by the FECOFUN.