Monday, Jan 01, 2018

Nepali Congress leader Prakash Man Singh has said his party would sit in opposition in deference to the people’s mandate expressed in the recent general elections.
Addressing a programme to congratulate and extend best wishes to the people’s representatives elected to the House of Representatives and State Assembly here today, he said the NC would accept the people’s verdict as it was a party that believed in democracy. The programme was organized by the Kathmandu Gold and Silver Dealers’ Association.
“We have to accept the outcome of the election held as per the democratic process,” he said.
Leader Singh, who is also the advisor of the Kathmandu Gold and Silver Dealers’ Association, said the gold and silver entrepreneurship has played an important role in the economic development of the country.
Defence Minister Bhimsen Das Pradhan said the government would hand over power as stipulated in the constitution.
“We will hand over the reins of the government after the election to the National Assembly as the federal parliament will get full shape only after that. The government is holding consultations with the Election Commission regarding organising the National Assembly election,” he said.
Newly-elected State Assembly member Keshav Sthapit urged the gold and silver traders to make their business secure by effecting reform in the laws as per the call of time. RSS