As water source dries, Majhi people taking muddy water from river
Thursday, Jun 06, 2019

Okhaldhunga-The Majhi people at Dhabuwaghat of Sunkhosi River in the district have been deprived of clean drinking water for nine years. The settlement on the bank of the river is forced to quench thirst with the muddy water brought from the river.
A local Nara Bahadur Majhi shared the plight that the entire Majhi village with 60 households at Sunkoshi rural municipality-1 in the district had no option but to use the water brought with pump from the Sunkoshi River. It is muddy in the rainy season.
Although the rural municipality tried to lessen the acute shortage of water by installing pump set that helped to supply water in the village, the water from the river is not clean. It is malodorous too, he added. With the use of dirty water, the Majhi people suffer from various health problems frequently.
"Compared to winter, more people fall sick in the rainy season. Children and senior citizen become sick frequently," added Nara Bahadur.