ICC world cup league two cricket: US-Oman clash today
Thursday, Feb 06, 2020

United States of America and Oman are contesting in a match under the ICC World Cup Cricket League Two today. This is the second game under the triangular series.
In the first match of the triangular series played on Wednesday, Nepal faced an 18-run defeat at the hands of Oman in the home ground.
The match between America and Oman is taking place at the Tribhuvan University Cricket Pitch in Kirtipur.
Before this, America has earned 12 points with six wins in eight matches. It is at the top of the score table so far while Oman which has 10 points with five wins in seven matches is in the second position.
America and Oman have the target of clinching the topmost spot by winning all matches of the ongoing series.
Teams from seven countries are playing in League Two. ICC World Cup Cricket League Two is a step leading to the ICC World Cup 2023.
Nepal, America, Oman, Scotland, Namibia, UAE and Papua New Guinea are playing in League Two. So far, Scotland is in the second position with nine points, Namibia is in the third position with eight points, Oman is in the fourth position with eight points, the UAE is in the fifth position with seven points, Nepal is in the sixth position without any point and PNG is in the seventh position.